Work through the design workbook questions and process, Tips + Secrets.


If you are in the Bend area we will come to your site and give you a customized bid for your project for Free!

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For 20 years now Fred Swisher has done on site design consultations around Central Oregon, this service is still available in the Bend area for $159. These same questions and the process have been systemized in the design workbook section of 55 Myths, Tips + Secrets: Bend’s Essential Guide to Landscaping (over two thousand copies sold). Along with this design section the book also includes sections on Bend, Oregon resources and what to expect from your landscaping project here in Bend all for only $20!

If you want your plans drawn out or want design help from a great high desert landscape architect these listings are in the book’s resource guide too. For those that want more specifics on designing low maintenance, functional and sensibly priced landscapes Fred’s new book is for you. The Ultimate Simple Landscaping Book just published last year has been enthusiastically received. It has proven itself by saving our readers and clients, money, time and frustration.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you out with your next landscaping design project. Bend Pine Nursery serves all of Central Oregon including: Bend, Redmond, Sisters, Sunriver and Tumalo. We are located at 19019 Baker Road Bend, Oregon 97702. For more information or schedule a plantscape consultation please call 541-977-8733 or email info@bendpinenursery.com.




Landscape is not like most major purchases because you are buying something before it is even built! As good as some project drawings can be we’ve yet to see one that looks like the finished product. A landscape has 3 dimensions a drawing has only two, so much can be lost in the translation. Planning is crucial but the drawing just gets tossed after the project is done, so it can’t really be that valuable in and of itself.

We always recommend doing your homework. Research is cheap insurance. By working through the planning process even if you decide to deviate from the drawing at least you’ll know why and have a sense of the trade offs required to do so. You may decide a drawing is unnecessary and save that money towards your project.

Planning with input from experienced professionals will serve you in accomplishing your landscape goals. Having a trusted contractor and a clear proposal are both crucial, but without participating in the designing process yourself, you won’t get the best results. Our offer above came from several dozen local landscape talks and presentations. The Q+A sessions revealed what people needed the most help with in their landscape design and construction projects. Contact us today to set up a consultation appointment.